How To Guide: Creating A Japandi Bathroom

November 16, 2022
Celine Nanena

What makes Japandi so alluring? Its Scandinavian materials and Japanese minimalism make for a clean, contemporary look that goes simply beyond being trendy but practical. This zen style can be applied to any room, including the bathroom. Follow these tips to transform your bathroom into a Japandi oasis.

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1. Keep it natural

When it comes to Japandi, natural is best. That includes the kind of materials you choose, namely light, natural woods - for example, beech wood and pine. To achieve this look, opt for accessories like rattan bath mats, a bamboo basket for storage or this wooden leaning ladder, which is ideal for hanging towels.

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2. Go low

While not a must, Japandi does favour furniture that sits lower to the ground. This is common throughout most traditionally furnished Japanese homes as they believe lower seats and beds are better for the back. If you really want to bring out the Japanese aesthetic, opt for a lower seat in front of your vanity.

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3. Embrace minimalist storage

A Japandi interior is not Japandi without its minimalism. The two go hand in hand. Managing clutter is a big part of achieving a Japandi bathroom. Therefore a mix of closed and open storage can help to keep things tidy. Try this jewellery stand for your most worn pieces or this asymmetrical mirror with a shelf for cosmetics. If you’ve got the space to spare, this cabinet with pull-out drawers makes organising your bathroom essentials a breeze.

4. The softer, the better

When it comes to textures within a Japandi bathroom, the softer and fluffier it is, the more Scandi hygge aesthetic can be brought into the space. Beyond towels, invest in your bathrobe, slippers, bath mat and washcloths to maximise the cosy factor.

Comfort meets minimalism in Japandi interiors