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Jian Ze

Yang Chair

£ 990.00 GBP
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Through the study of bionics and interactivity, the Yǎng Chair is defined by its large and embracing backrest. Its curved form supports the back and helps to disperse pressure. Anticipating the dynamic positions we settle in, the Yǎng Chair invites you to stretch against it, sit on your side and prop yourself atop it in various fashions. There is no one way to sit after all. The Yǎng Chair is crafted with European white oak and a German 3D-veneer, giving it a uniquely light and organic feel. Using advanced curved wood processing technology, the thickness of the entire backing is only 7mm thick. Coupled with a simple frame and rich colours, this staple seating fits well in any decor without losing its unique voice.

About the artisan

Jian Ze and her team of award-winning artisans firmly believe that people should define how furniture is used, not only the designer. Her furniture collection is crafted for modern lives and answers a call for expression.

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