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Jian Ze

Loft Table

£ 3,420.00 GBP
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The Loft Table is streamlined and minimal. At one corner, you’ll find it gently curves, creating an asymmetrical feel. This tabletop design reduces the distance created by conventional long tables, bringing people closer while also allowing an extra seat at the table. Its angled legs are too designed for this reason, giving space for chairs to be tucked closer, inviting you to lean into conversation. Crafted using North American FAS grade walnut and solid wood, this is the archetypal long table to break bread. The Loft Table is available in 2 sizes, the first which sits 4-6 people, whilst the second sits 6-9 people.

About the artisan

Jian Ze and her team of award-winning artisans firmly believe that people should define how furniture is used, not only the designer. Her furniture collection is crafted for modern lives and answers a call for expression.

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