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We are working with industry professionals to create tailored solutions for their business needs. Our trade programme allows you to access our catalogue of products and services through a designated portal. We put you in touch with our design consultants to guide you through detailed product features and help navigate our vast catalogue of furniture and homeware. 

You and your clients have access to exclusive previews of upcoming product launches and a hassle-free delivery process. Our Designer Trade Program isn’t just limited to interior designers! We have partnerships with architects, home-developers, stagers, art galleries and professionals within the hospitality industry.

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Who’s Talking About Our Designers
"Chinese Designer Frank Chou's 'Kong' Chair Epitomizes the Best of East-West"
"The sum of these stratified bamboo veneers produces a compact piece of furniture, alluding to the countless layers of influences that shape contemporary design."
“Chou’s youth spent in Beijing plays a role in this mindset as well as the studio’s ability to straddle the line of aesthetics from both East and West.”
"Chen’s design approach is a deep synthesis of tradition and modernity, recognizing contemporary sensibilities in Song-dynasty ceramics and Qing-dynasty lacquerware."