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The spaces in which we dwell are a reflection of our intricacies, savvy and perceptions. Our connection with objects is undoubtedly poetic. An unconditional love affair that looks beyond wear and tarnishes, leaving behind only the emotional value.

We created Living In Design for this very reason, because furniture is more than a utilitarian fixture of the home. Cutting through the monotony of cut and paste interiors, you yourself may have wondered why we obsess about the clothes in our closet but never the closet itself.

So, we present to you the masters of the trade, designers and established artisans across Asia who have finessed the conventional archetype of furnishings, into a new realm of art. Rich in history and culturally noteworthy, these pieces represent an amalgam of eastern sensibilities and modern avant-garde. Our pioneering artists embrace the distinctive and fuse storytelling within their creations because, well it goes without saying, there's nothing quite as enigmatic as a good tale.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, our homeware is a considerable exchange of minds. Just think, your new dining table won't only host the evening's conversations, but be the hot topic itself. Extraordinary stories, spoken through design. This is our philosophy.

The Co-Founders

In preserving the cultural values of the East and showcasing unprecedented modern-day design, Mavis believes in bringing them to a whole new audience of sophisticates.

About Mavis

As the world continues to globalise, for Wilfrid this becomes more apparent in our homes, and an appetite for quality designed and crafted homeware will grow in permanence.

About Wilfrid

Editor’s Choice

Broken Angel Coffee Table

A demonstration of beauty in imperfection. Ideal Afternoon's study of the banal and the modest has led to the creation of a dark amber tabletop, that looks like spilled sweet syrup suspended in the air.

Ebony Abacus Chair

Tactile and commanding, the wooden spheres of the Abacus Chair by the artisan Suyab have a rhythmic magnetism. A seat you can count on.

Copper Folk Hero Table Lamp

Tip your hat to this adjustable copper lamp, fashioned in the style of iconic bamboo hats of the East. A silhouette often associated with folklore heroes and made by none other than 12H.

Axis Bookshelf

Designed with directionality in mind, Frank Chou's bookcase dividers lead your eyes from left to right, much like when consumed by a real page-turner.

Sanctuary Light Series

A monument to life, light and late architectural theorist Etienne-Louis Boullée. The Sanctuary Light series is THESHAW's exploration of the tangible and intangible nature of reflective surfaces.

Toasted Pouf

A seat for six disguised as a seat for one. With charming hospitality, this pouf is an original by Ideal Afternoon, made for entertainment in intimate spaces.

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