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Ebony Abacus Chair

£ 2,690 

A stunning and distinctive occasion chair, inspired by the tactile beauty of an antique Chinese abacus. Fine copper wires hold the countless polished ebony beads in place, forming an eye-catching focal point within the design. Crafted by Suyab, its backrest has a melodic rhythm that embraces the qualities of wabi-sabi. A celebration of heritage and modern functionality, this armchair is a unique piece for your homes entryway, library or office space. The Abacus Chair features a geometric base with a solid and symmetrical, finished with high-shine copper feet. The seat is adorned with an understated full-grain leather panel —a masterful heirloom collector's piece.

About the artisan

Attracted by the allure of unexpected textures and contrasting materials, Suyab creates for the sake of evolution.

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