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Jian Ze

Blossom Armchair

£ 3,480.00 GBP
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The Blossom Armchair is a multi-dimensional exploration of form, material and flexibility. Slender side panels curl upwards like petals, acting as a backbone to support its lush upholstery and cushions. This armchair's subtle and exquisite back contour is the physical definition of elegance. With easy to remove cushions, you can place them in different corners of your home on a whim. Crafted to feel natural and warm, this japandi-inspired armchair makes a meal of simple shapes and large pillowy cushions. The Blossom Armchair is available with veneer panelling or an upholstered backing and in a range of modern home colours.

About the artisan

Jian Ze and her team of award-winning artisans firmly believe that people should define how furniture is used, not only the designer. Her furniture collection is crafted for modern lives and answers a call for expression.

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