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Jian Ze

Pat-Pat Stool

£ 400.00 GBP
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The Pat-Pat Stool is much like having a beloved fluffy companion at home. Its compact size makes it convenient and practical, easily moved around your space. This adorable stool takes inspiration from corgis and their soft behinds, charming to both adults and children alike —this whimsical chair is filled with warmth and a playful healing power. Jian Ze crafted this seat as a temporary escape from the mundane rituals of daily life. As its name suggests, you’ll want to pat its lush cotton exterior made of artificial rabbit fur. Available in two neutral shades of cream or khaki.

About the artisan

Jian Ze and her team of award-winning artisans firmly believe that people should define how furniture is used, not only the designer. Her furniture collection is crafted for modern lives and answers a call for expression.

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