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Wabi Dressing Stool

£ 950.00 GBP
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An expression of understated elegance and beauty that comes with age, the Wabi Dressing Stool is inspired by the principles of wabi-sabi. The word wabi itself translates to quietness and rustic simplicity. It serves as a reminder that every moment in life has beauty to offer; this is the seat to appreciate those instances. A simple and modest silhouette, its seat is woven using hard-wearing craft paper that provides a firm but comfortable place to rest. Flourished only by its semi backrest, which offers lower back support, 12H opted for this detail as to not hide the beauty of that who sits upon the Wabi Dressing Stool. Crafted using American FAS-grade black walnut, it is entirely devoid of nails or glue and simply uses mortise and tenon joinery, which is prized for its lasting nature. Perfectly complemented by the Wabi Dressing Table and the more compact Wabi Little Dressing Table. ● Inspired by wabi-sabi ● Made to last with mortise and tenon joinery ● Matching dressing table

About the artisan

Driven by engineering techniques of the past, 12H honours the hidden truths found in poetry and traditional architecture that illuminates the heritage of China.

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