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Humble Leaning Ladder Rack

£ 900.00 GBP
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12H's Humble Leaning Ladder Rack embraces a simple silhouette. However, this piece is anything but ordinary. Expertly crafted with mortise and tenon joinery, this ancient technique is a symbol of lasting quality. The walnut construction is done by hand to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship. As its name suggests, it can be leaned against a wall and be used as a simple rack for towels or clothing. Its lack of adornment allows you to truly admire the grain of its FAS grade American walnut. Designed to fit seamlessly into any space, it plays particularly well with Japandi and wabi-sabi interiors. ● Japandi furniture ● Handcrafted ladder rack ● Easy to lean against wall

About the artisan

Driven by engineering techniques of the past, 12H honours the hidden truths found in poetry and traditional architecture that illuminates the heritage of China.

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