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Ideal Afternoon

Colosseum Shelf

£ 440.00 GBP
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Inspired by Rome's grande amphitheatre, Ideal Afternoon's Colosseum Shelf directly pays homage to this ancient piece of architecture. Cleverly fashioned to emulate the missing bricks of the real colosseum, in lieu of the iconic gap is shelving that can be used for shoes, mugs, spices or books. Each shelf varies in height, providing ample room for a variety of items. Minimal curved arches make up the back and sideboard, allowing light to filter through during the day. The two faces are crafted using wood and varnished with eco-friendly paint in a warm, burnt orange hue. The layers of shelving use robust brushed titanium to maintain its shape.

About the artisan

Defined by an afternoon sprawled out lazily, Ideal Afternoon brings a playful and whimsical touch to the definition of home.

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