Ideal Afternoon
Joe Deng

"Form over function has driven much of the creations at Ideal Afternoon. "

Despite my rational nature, I think beauty should always reign supreme, but that's not to our furniture leaves anything to be desired in its performance. I just feel strongly about aesthetics.

I've found that our brand name, Ideal Afternoon, immediately conjures an image in people's minds, one that is a very personal slice of heaven. For me, an ideal afternoon is a blissful affair in the comforts of my home. Never a weekday, always a weekend. A day not bound by time, where I can cater to my every whim. I often imagine myself carelessly strewn across the couch, blissfully surrounded by the people I treasure most. This is what our furniture offers.

I've had my frustrations of living in the city, mainly how to live comfortably within a space that reflects my personality, which is no small feat. That's where the idea behind Ideal Afternoon blossomed. Beyond that, I have been greatly influenced by my cousin and uncle —both art majors who now work within the field of architecture. I truly admire them and have always loved hearing their stories. It became a powerful example of how I would traverse my life's work. I have always wanted to be like them, even pursuing art throughout high school.

There was a point in time where my parents pressured me to drop art to study physics instead, which may have been the few moments in my life where I didn't rebel against their wishes. But eventually, my forays into the sciences came to an end, and I once again found myself seduced by the creative world.

Seemingly simple things like colour excite me. You can see it in every design we have, nothing is short on pigment. A subtle change in tone can directly affect an interior or the feeling of the furniture. With one colour, we can express the very mood we want to convey. My definition of success would be to have people understand our designs at a glance, having our furnishings communicate just as loudly as they do effortlessly. If all that fails, then my dream is to make wine, forget my life's troubles another way, and spend my days laughing in the sun.

Defined by an afternoon sprawled out lazily, Ideal Afternoon brings a playful and whimsical touch to the definition of home.

As a furniture designer, we almost have an obligation to advise people on how they can live their best lives.

Colour is quintessential to Joe Deng's craft. It conveys an atmosphere, a mindset, a mood and a rich sense of space all at once.

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