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Ideal Afternoon

Tree Yard Coat Rack

£ 740.00 GBP
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Some wardrobe pieces deserve to be seen. Ideal Afternoon's Tree Yard Coat Rack brings a youthful glow to the entranceway or bedroom. You can almost imagine a small chirping bird would perch atop the frame. Crafted in an infinite loop, it is a self-containing system. The oblong mirror provides those necessary moments of vanity before stepping out, while the single deep pull out storage is ideal for placing shoes or miscellaneous accessories. Crafted with hand-selected Romanian beech wood, this allows the coat rack to provide both a lightweight nature and enduring longevity. ● Entryway coat hanger ● Full-length mirror ● Stylish and functional

About the artisan

Defined by an afternoon sprawled out lazily, Ideal Afternoon brings a playful and whimsical touch to the definition of home.

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