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Ideal Afternoon

Bubble Bath Sofa

£ 1,910.00 GBP
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The feeling of slipping into a bath that's at just the right temperature. A vessel to melt away the tensions of the day. The Bubble Bath Sofa brings that unmistakable feeling of relaxation to the living room. Curving inwards like a porcelain tub, its soft flannel fabric and full-grain pink Italian leather mimic the silky softness of warm water flowing over skin. Stretching outwards, it's roomy enough for two to soak in the bliss. Its outer shell boasts a subtle almond colour that makes this sofa both romantic and minimalist. A long cushion lines the seat, whilst two round pillows add extra plush. This couch is propped up on four titanium alloy baubles, a modern-day interpretation of the claw foot found on traditional bathtubs.

About the artisan

Defined by an afternoon sprawled out lazily, Ideal Afternoon brings a playful and whimsical touch to the definition of home.

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