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Ideal Afternoon

Hepburn Dresser

£ 740.00 GBP
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A testimony to Aubrey Hepburn's ageless beauty and charm, the Hepburn Dresser is a standing jewellery box to house the likes of perfumes, cosmetics and precious stones. For the morning and evening rituals of dressing, elegance is an everlasting beauty. It features two tiers of drawers, one with a transparent glass top. Two deep vessels sit either side, cleverly masking the items within it. Its rounded shape perfectly creates a 180º arc giving it a smooth body. Crafted to be enjoyed alongside the Hepburn Dressing Stool. ● Timeless design ● Three layers of storage ● Round-edge dresser

About the artisan

Defined by an afternoon sprawled out lazily, Ideal Afternoon brings a playful and whimsical touch to the definition of home.

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