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Triptych Cabinet

£ 4,300.00 GBP
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12H's Triptych Cabinet is a beautifully designed storage solution perfect for those who appreciate thoughtful craftsmanship. Made with enduring FAS-grade American walnut wood and brushed brass handles. Its facade is separated into three panels; however, the walnut doors fold into one another to reveal one ample shelving space. The third cupboard uses tinted fortified glass to create a semi-opaque facade that can be opened with a slight push. Inside are four pull-out drawers that are perfect for neatly storing belongings. The Triptych cabinet takes after mid-Japandi design, balancing retro detailing with a simple sophistication that feels timeless. An ideal storage unit for living rooms, home offices and hallways. ● Mid-Japandi cabinet ● Crafted with walnut ● Asymmetrical design

About the artisan

Driven by engineering techniques of the past, 12H honours the hidden truths found in poetry and traditional architecture that illuminates the heritage of China.

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