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Glimpse Wall Mounted Shelf

£ 340.00 GBP
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Most at home by your front door or entryway, the Glimpse Wall Mounted Shelf offers a minimal and practical solution to storing essentials items you need daily. A convenient place to leave your keys, meaning you’ll never misplace them again, and a spot to hang your coat or even your dog’s leash. Its addition of a mirror allows you a quick glimpse of yourself before you head out the door and adds a subtle stream of light in your entryway, an important detail when you consider bringing good feng shui into your space. Crafted with American FAS-grade walnut, this tasteful shelf allows you to gather yourself by creating a ritual upon returning home or leaving for the day. ● Practical organisational system ● Brightens the doorway ● Hang essential items

About the artisan

Driven by engineering techniques of the past, 12H honours the hidden truths found in poetry and traditional architecture that illuminates the heritage of China.

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