7 Home Trends We’re Seeing In 2022

April 15, 2022
Celine Nanena

Just like people, homes tend to ebb and flow with the times, in the last two years, you’ve likely noticed more shifts in interior design than ever before, particularly as homes had to adapt to being more multifunction spaces and people looked to wellness philosophies like feng shui to create happier, more productive homes. That energy has certainly been brought into 2022 with a craving for slow interiors and a more intentional pace of living. Here are all the home trends we’ve seen in 2022 so far.


As the years tick over, homeowners are becoming more conscious of their purchases. It starts with food, moves into fashion, and eventually, sustainability finds its way into homes. A trend that is less of a fad and more of a lifestyle, we’ll begin to see more sustainable homeware and reclaimed furniture with a patina that beckons you to touch. Many will source and repurpose items that offer a second life. Sustainability and slow craftsmanship will bring a much-needed history into spaces that can sometimes feel anchorless and void.

Well-Travelled Interiors

With travel on the brain and wanderlust back on the menu, homes will begin to reflect the adventures of far off places. In 2022, we’ll see more mixing of cultures, the artful blending of borders and homes that accessories with local talents that you can only really acquire from really travelling to another country. Think bright, heavy Moroccan carpets alongside slow-craft Japanese tableware and Peruvian side tables.

Shades of Brown

Minimalism and white have been inseparable for many years, but we’re beginning to see a shift to warmer colours and textures. Where white can sometimes  feel clinical and manicured, warm tones like burnt umber, cognac and carmel elevate a neutral space with far more depth. Naturally these shades remind us of ones found in nature walks.

Often associated with the 70’s, the 2022 embracing of brown interiors take on a more zen approach that feels grounding, earthy and balanced. Shade of brown work effortlessly japandi-centric homes and incorporating curved wabi-sabi style furniture makes for an unfussy yet elegant home that still embraces minimalism.

Natural Objects and Surfaces

Think live-edge tables, raw wood and untreated stone. 2022 is the year for inviting the therapeutic nature of the outside inside. Indoor-outdoor living may have once been considered something of a hippie or new age vibe, but its benefits for wellness and mental health cannot be overstated.

Though not everyone has the luxury of an outdoor space, this trend will manifest in subtle nods to nature with soft organic materials, earthy elements like clay and pottery lining shelves and curved furniture that bring a more delicate ambience into the home. A modern way to execute on zen interiors, along with plenty of greenery, this interior design trend will bring some tranquillity to homes.

Entertainment Spaces

Along with travel, entertaining at home may have taken a back seat for a while, but those intimate soirees hosted in the comforts of your own home are certainly back. Spaces are starting to reflect how you can host with the most once more. While this trend can manifest in many ways, we can expect homes to be outfitted with furniture that greases the wheels of a great party. Think home bars, a vinyl and speaker set up, a dressed-up dining room, an elaborate outdoor space or living rooms that are no longer centred around the TV but a room for long nights of conversations. Anything conducive to creating genuine connections once more!

Dimensional Art

For some, home is the place to switch off, while for others, it is a space for stimulation. This year, we’re already seeing a tendency for decorative pieces that stir something within us, particularly with 3D art that pop off the wall or provides a more extraordinary texture to the space. This can also be said for functional homeware, that is beautifully crafted and is an art piece in its own right. Being sequestered at home, many may have felt that traditional art lacked a kind of tactile nature, so expect to see more soft sculptural works and extruding art pieces.

Pockets of Personal Space

With self-care and mindfulness becoming such a significant topic, we’ve seen homes naturally gravitating toward the need for personal care spaces. This is especially true for homes with families where it can be tricky to find a moment for yourself. You may find your home already has a makeshift small reading corner hidden behind a pocket door, an area for meditation or that you’ve carved out a new room for your favourite hobby. In most cases, these spaces are multifunctional, catering to both the needs of self-care and day to day life - like a homework room and office or a library and yoga room. Carving out a space for yourself is very on-trend for 2022.