Living Sustainably: The Loop Village

March 2, 2021
Mavis Zhou

In Asia, curiosity and the appreciation of the natural environment is highly respected. This is the initial concept of the Loop Village. The village is committed to designing and planning with the natural world. They use technology to create a more sustainable resort operation system. The project highlights the undisturbed wilderness around it, in which humans and nature coexist harmoniously.

The Loop Village Resort Hotel project is in the bamboo forest valley of Miaoshan Village. Here they embrace the outdoor lifestyle in a peaceful, zen, and relaxing setting. The village is around 2,000 square meters of land, mainly composed of earth-covered buildings, and features the slope valley landscape which forms a small resort with 35 acres and 13 supreme suites.

Earth-covered Construction

The project is constructed to be concealed underground to enable the cover of surface vegetation to be restored. The building is protected by a special waterproof cement formula which tackles the erosion of groundwater. The underground overhead design allows a cosy and enjoyable indoor environment on the southern slope.

Underground building restores the cover of surface vegetation. Image by Chén bīn

Design Balances The Destruction of Construction

After a long period of construction, vegetation was restored, opening up more explorable terrain, hydrological conditions and a richer plant environment for the entire site. All was achieved from the unique architectural form of the earth-covered building.

Overall view - Image by Li Jingjing
Roof topography - Image by Li Jingjing

Wetland marsh plant and the bamboo forest - Image by Yang Yulin
Rich plants community - Image by Yang Yulin
Rich plants community - Image by Yang Yulin

Energy Efficiency

Usually, the largest energy-consuming unit in the resort is the air conditioner. As a sustainable approach, they used the thermal insulation of the earth-covered building to reduce the load of the air-conditioning and specially designed the connection to the heat pump directly to the hotel rooms through the underground machine room via insulated pipelines. A genius design providing perfect silence in nature.

Guest room - Image by Shen Yong
Staircase - Image by Shen Yong
Image by Li Jingjing
Coexisting in harmony with nature using age-old techniques and cutting edge technology.