The Benefits of Indoor-Outdoor Living

February 11, 2022
Mavis Zhou

There is a growing need worldwide for architects to create homes that blur the lines between inside and outside, making the natural world a more seamless part of our homes. Not only can it make a home feel bigger, it is an important tool for mental health, as studies have shown that spending more time in green spaces can improve your mood and health, reduce stress and help bolster confidence.

Today, we share one of the most striking houses for your inspiration, designed by mf+arquitetos in Brazil. This residence was made for the gathering of friends and family to celebrate life and get more acquainted with nature. If you're looking to embrace nature and love the idea of indoor-outdoor living, this open-plan home will really speak to your sensibilities.

This summer home not only feels immensely welcoming, but it also has a modern and timeless appeal. Complete with an outdoor kitchen, living room and dining space, its japandi-style concept comes to life through various stones, wood, natural fibres and plenty of natural light from above through wooden slabbed panelling. mf+arquitetos designed this open plan living space that uses 50% of the total area for social interactions — dividing it between gourmet dining, living, leisure, and the remaining room for private spaces.

The rustic granite sidewalls and sandy Egyptian travertine marble cover the entire floor and walls. At the same time, black slate is used in the bathroom and for the kitchen countertops. Hijau stones and concrete slabs are utilised in the leisure area, with thin wood beams helping create a more grounding space in nature. It has a charming minimalism, without feeling bare or cold, rather the opposite!

Indoor-outdoor living isn't just functional, it allows us to create more wholesome living moments. The outdoor pool is a luxury addition, allowing the homeowners to go from swimming to lounging on the couch within the same space. Naturally, the home wouldn't be as charming without all the lush greenery surrounding it. It is rich in natural beauty and transitions beautifully through the seasons. The imperfect wildness of the plants is one of the most important additions. All these elements combined create an experience that harmonises luxury living and a bond with our earth.

There are a few markers for an exceptional indoor-outdoor living space, including the inclusion of natural light, whether that be through an awning or large sliding glass doors that pocket away. An area where you can gather, whether that be around a large kitchen island, a fire pit or a cosy seating area.Lastly, it's important to ensure all your indoor-outdoor furniture has some degree to water resistance so that it's easier to clean.

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful. – Alice Walker