A House Which Contemplates Nature In All Spaces By mf+arquitetos

Table Talks
April 22, 2021
Mavis Zhou

If you love nature, you will love this zen house concept. Worldwide, architects are creating innovative houses to escape into the natural world. Today we share with you one of the most striking houses for your inspiration, a special place where you come together with friends and family to celebrate life and get acquainted with nature.

This design is welcoming, modern, and timeless. The décor values Wabi-Sabi’s philosophy of finding beauty in the imperfection. The Japandi style concept intended for this summer house can cater to 5 guests of various ages.

mf+arquitetos designed this open plan living space that uses 50% of the total area for social interactions —dividing it between gourmet, dining, living, leisure, and the remaining room for private spaces.

A remarkable and intimate entrance pathway is the first exciting part of this design, giving access to all rooms.The materials used are all-natural and offer a skylight view from above through wooden slabbed panelling. The rustic granite sidewalls and sandy Egyptian travertine marble cover the entire floor and walls, while black slate embraces the bathroom and kitchen countertops. Hijau stones and concrete slabs are utilised in the leisure area, with wood blending in with nature.

The interior elements carefully synchronise with various designers that crafted pieces containing wood, leather, textile, and natural fibres throughout the home. For increased interaction on a larger scale, the house owns vegetation on the riverside, rich in natural beauty. These compositions combined create an experience that harmonises a functional and straightforward appeal with superb comfort for everyone who visits.