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Tray Top Walnut Bedside Table

£ 830 

An east meets west fusion of contemporary black walnut and traditional brass. This elegant, minimal bedside table beautifully demonstrates 12H’s masterful approach to functional, yet luxurious furniture. The removable tray top is an ingenious feature, while the interior will effortlessly house all of those bedside essentials. The solid ‘mortise and tenon’ structure will ensure it lasts for generations to come as it is constructed without nails or screws. Following the teachings of wabi-sabi, furniture like such is loved more and more over time, especially when it begins ageing gracefully. • Removable tray top • Modern, minimalist design • 2 in 1 system

About the artisan

Driven by engineering techniques of the past, 12H honours the hidden truths found in poetry and traditional architecture that illuminates the heritage of China.

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