Henrik Ho
Henrik Ho

"If my home is a shackle, I will carry it for a lifetime. If my home is a hammock in the park, let me lie in it a little longer."


Modern society is so impetuous. We seem to live our lives in the grip of external forces, leading many of us to suffer from mental anguish. It's a current that is washing through society, and it takes every ounce of yourself not to be swept away by it.


This is why my designs, besides offering a basic functionality, ingrained with a calm and peaceful aura that people can ground themselves with. Harnessing the quiet, pure, and natural tenets of zen philosophy to dissolve the oppositions of the outside world. I firmly believe our homes should be a beacon of mindfulness to maintain a sense of self-purification for when we walk out into the world.


I come from a family that owns a furniture factory, but my most significant influence is actually my wife, who is a Buddhist and meditation teacher. Although I don't practise Buddhism myself, I have great respect for it. In much of my work and in daily life, I draw a lot of strength from its teachings, like the pursuits of inner peace, using meditation to be more aware of your own existence and practising appreciation for the little things. This is particularly useful in a world where the noise of the outside is stronger than the one resonating from within.


This is why I also look to nature when I create. All the beauty in the world is endowed to us by nature. Time spent on the beach, within the mountains, on grasslands or in the park heal our hearts naturally. Whenever I can, I try to stay close to nature, drawing comfort and energy from it. Having these emblems of nature aspart of our homes, as pieces of everyday life, feeds our souls. Amongst nature is where we belong. Ancient civilizations had us beat in that regard.

Homeware that is ingrained with a grounding and zen aura. Henrik Ho creates beyond functionality.

If my home is a shackle, I will carry it for a lifetime. If my home is a hammock in the park, let me lie in it a little longer.

My furniture is a rebuttal to society’s need for a quickened pace. It reminds us not to be swept away by the currents of city living.

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