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Henrik Ho

Dune Lounge Chair

£ 3,990.00 GBP
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Dune Lounge Chair Be calmed by the elegance of the Dune Lounge Chair by Henrik Ho. Its design is plucked directly from the natural world and embodies everything serene and peaceful about nature. This lounge chair’s irregular shape mimics the soft, ever-changing contours of sand dunes, while its comfortable sponge interior and upholstery invite you to sit back and reflect. An ideal addition to Japandi-inspired and rustic homes, the Dune Lounge Chair reminds us to stay grounded and enjoy the simple comforts of life. ● Statement lounge chair ● Inspired by nature ● Expertly handcrafted

About the artisan

Homeware that is ingrained with a grounding and zen aura. Henrik Ho creates beyond functionality.

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