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Henrik Ho

Grotto Bench

£ 1,800.00 GBP
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As unique as it is stylish, the Grotto Bench is inspired by the Buddhist monks who would retreat to hidden caves to find solace in meditation. This bench captures the power of serenity and silence, featuring three-pronged legs reminiscent of stalagmites rising from the floors of grottos. Its organic shape feels both natural and comfortable, easily seating two people at once. Crafted with a solid wood and plywood interior, it is swaddled in sponge before being upholstered in a wool blend. Ideal for adding a touch of Zen to your home whilst also making a statement, the Grotto Bench is available in two tranquil colours. ● Two-seater bench ● Minimal design ● Apt for zen home interiors

About the artisan

Homeware that is ingrained with a grounding and zen aura. Henrik Ho creates beyond functionality.

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