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Henrik Ho

Tall Grotto Shelf

£ 5,400.00 GBP
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The Grotto Shelf series is inspired by its namesake, closely tied to the spirituality and peace that Buddhist monks would seek in such a place. As places of meditation and reflection, the rugged and organic surroundings are mirrored in the craftsmanship of this shelf. Using a clay composite to create raw and irregular textures - it draws from the tenets of wabi-sabi, making the Grotto Shelf series the embodiment of perfection found within imperfection. Distinct in its shape and presence, its three-pronged legs are reminiscent of stalagmites that rise from the floor of caves, while its upper body offers accessible storage of everyday items. A practical and gentle reminder that our homes should be a retreat from the outside world's noise. ● Rustic, slow crafted shelf ● Wabi-sabi furniture ● Accessible storage

About the artisan

Homeware that is ingrained with a grounding and zen aura. Henrik Ho creates beyond functionality.

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