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Henrik Ho

Soft Stone Lounge Chair

£ 1,900.00 GBP
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The Soft Stone Lounge Chair by Henrik Ho embodies the zen spirit of the East. Calm, detached, firm and unequivocally soft all at once, its presence brings latent energy into every space it enters. Crafted with the intention of finding a relaxed inner state, this lounge chair looks toward nature to bring balance in a chaotic world. Lower than most seats, it sits closer to the ground, drawing you towards the natural earth. Its solid ash wood frame is polished by hand before being fastened with two independent cushions. Like rounded pebbles, they feel smooth to the touch. A chair for meditative thought and serene pursuits, it feels sculptural in nature, providing a striking silhouette from every angle. Made with a lightweight and breathable polyester, this elegant piece is available in two shades of matte black and off white.

About the artisan

Homeware that is ingrained with a grounding and zen aura. Henrik Ho creates beyond functionality.

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