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Henrik Ho

Ethereal Side Table

£ 900.00 GBP
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The Ethereal Side Table by Henrik Ho is a study in the fluidity of a single steel sheet. Taking advantage of the plasticity of metal, it is slowly bent and coaxed into shape, gracefully folding into itself with a delicateness not often associated with steel. This side table oozes with a satisfying rhythm, making it a visual statement piece. Both functional and artistic, the Ethereal Side Table can be used both indoors as a bedside table and outdoors as a reading caddy. With 4 openings nestled within it, each makes for an ideal space to house books and magazines. Available in three neutral shades of beige, taupe, and stone.

About the artisan

Homeware that is ingrained with a grounding and zen aura. Henrik Ho creates beyond functionality.

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