The Ultimate Guide to Mid-Japandi Furniture

May 31, 2022
Celine Nanena

You’ve probably heard it through the grapevine, the latest trend in interior design is mid-japandi, serving up a slice of harmony and artistic chic for an effortless cool. This movement doesn’t combine 2 styles but 3, and while that might sound daunting at first, mid-japandi is more approachable than you think. If you’re looking to embrace some touches of colour or slow things down at home, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Mid-Japandi?

While japandi artfully blends scandi and Japanese interiors, mid-japandi takes it to the next level by incorporating the old-school-cool of mid-century modern homeware. These 3 popular interior design styles bring a much needed cool, calm and collected feel to homes, balancing the need to show some colourful personality and diffusing an aura of zen. It is an interior design style that feels true to life, existing between day-to-day needs and the energy we aspire to possess.

Think of mid-japandi as a warmer kind of minimalism or a neutral canvas with tasteful pops of colour. It’s a decor style that is bursting with life without moving into maximalism territory instead of projecting a refined and sleek character. There are many ways to create a mid-japandi style at home, and naturally, it starts with furniture. We’ve already broken down 9 ways to embrace mid-japandi in your home; now, here are 9 mid-japandi style furniture pieces you can use in different rooms.

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Gradavin Walnut Home Bar

A home bar that is quite the statement piece, it embodies the ultimate old-world glamour with plenty of practicality. Its eastern influence is apparent with a minimal square design, while its raised legs offer a nod to mid-century modern design. This mid-japandi home bar is a must-have for homeowners who love a good gathering with close friends.

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Chrysanthemum Armchair

The Chrysanthemum Armchair brings a touch of colour that every mid-japandi home aspires to possess. With champagne gold stilts to give it that classic height found in mid-century modern furniture, its cocoon-like body takes a leaf out of nature’s book, which is very japandi.

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Staggered Settee

With layers of fabrics and colours, the Staggered Settee is the epitome of a mid-japandi sofa. Crafted with neutral tones and playful textures, it adds a quiet playfulness to any living room. Its asymmetrical design creates a distinct flow that beckons you to lay back and relax.

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Voyage Side Table

A retro-inspired suitcase design turned side table, this piece is a reminder of glamorous voyages across the Atlantic. Fashioned after a 1950’s travel case, this mid-japandi bedside table has plenty of polished finishings - like a single leather tab, as well as copper corners to prevent dings and dents.

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Curiosity Walnut Bookshelf

This mid-japandi bookshelf by 12H brings a refined sensibility into the home office and living room. Slow-crafted with vegan leather and walnut poles, its architectural design is reminiscent of bamboo scaffolding. It makes for an extensive canvas to display items of worth and notable books.

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No.8 Writing Desk

With its unmistakable mid-century modern style legs, the No 8. Writing Desk perfectly balances the two styles found within mid-japandi interiors. Its silhouette is both strong and delicate; it is actually inspired by the lucky Chinese number 8. Thoughtfully crafted in the spirit of omotenashi, the anticipation of your future needs, it features a small backboard to prevent items from spilling over your desk.

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Pin Reversible Leather Armchair

For a dual interior design style, a dual-textured armchair seems only fitting. The Pin Reversible Leather Armchair features mix and match cushions which change with the seasons and your whims. Its rich tanned leather oozes japandi comforts, while the cotton-linen blend found on the reverse side of each pillow is mid-century modern to a tee.

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Ming Rattan Chair

Rattan has long had its place in mid-century modern homes, with the tropical-inspired furnishings moving from outdoors to indoors. The Ming Rattan Chair balances the laid-back style of rattan with a classic Ming Dynasty silhouette. Still minimal yet striking, this mid-japandi dining chair brings an austerity and low-key cool to the dining table.

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Hepburn Dresser

With its rounded silhouette, this retro dresser takes you back to days of silver-screen starlets whilst still maintaining a polished and minimal feel to it. In a playful shade of muted pink, it plays perfectly with mid-japandi bedrooms that require a little hidden storage.

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Fabled Magazine Rack

Crafted exclusively with reclaimed wood, this sustainable magazine caddy makes the perfect sofa-side companion. Its v-shaped legs use mortise and tenon joinery to create a lasting piece—representative of mid-japandi’s love for homeware that is timeless. Each piece is entirely unique, and features the beautiful patina of aged wood, a great way to add texture to your home.