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Swan Armchair

£ 1,050 

Crafted using a single, uninterrupted piece of steel pipe framing that forms the structure and base of the Swan Armchair, its piping is what gives it its name. Minimal, clean lines forged by efficiency and a desire to be concise; it is a seat that exists to be loud and clear. Its wide base accommodates a broad sponge seat and backrest, bundled up in virgin wool and wild flax textiles, sustainably sourced and made to be compostable. The Swan Armchair makes a home feel all the more tranquil by naturally inviting you to lean back comfortably. ● Sustainably sourced upholstery ● Broad-based armchair ● Simple, striking silhouette

About the artisan

Made for real life, 8 Hour manufactures clear boundaries between work and life. Making sure all time is spent equally to better allow for a fulfilling existence.

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