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Curiosity Walnut Book Shelves

£ 8,540.00 GBP
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A standout shelving unit that demands attention. The vertical walnut poles, vegan leather panels and solid wooden shelves, have a distinctly architectural and constructed feel. Its structure reminiscent of Asia's bamboo scaffolding. Striking the perfect balance between style and craftsmanship, this Suyab standing storage piece provides ample space for books, objets d'art and those treasured curiosities demanding pride of place. The vegan leather panelling makes it an excellent choice for the conscientious shopper, and sits harmoniously against its rich walnut wood framework. Finally, the legs are finished with refined copper detailing, making this piece unmistakably mid-japandi. • Reminiscent of bamboo scaffolding • Freestanding storage unit • Vegan-friendly materials

About the artisan

Attracted by the allure of unexpected textures and contrasting materials, Suyab creates for the sake of evolution.

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