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Ming Rattan Chair

£ 1,400.00 GBP
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The rattan chair is an Asian cultural icon, further popularised when British families overseas returned home from the Far East, including places like Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore — carrying with them bamboo and rattan furnishings, which have remained tokens of style. Suyab Studios combines two cultural icons of Asia: Ming Dynasty furniture and rattan, to create this tasteful Ming Rattan Chair. Using the silhouette popularised by Chinese royalty and pairing it with the breezy and laid-back nature of rattan, it produces an entirely new minimalist vision steeped in history. Crafted using walnut, rattan and fine grain leather to reach another peak of luxury lounging. Available in black and tan. • Minimal rattan chair • Mortise and tenon joinery • Inspired by Eastern sensibilities

About the artisan

Attracted by the allure of unexpected textures and contrasting materials, Suyab creates for the sake of evolution.

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