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Jian Ze

Blossom Sofa

£ 4,440.00 GBP
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The Blossom Sofa is a multi-dimensional exploration of form, material and flexibility. Slender side panels curl upwards, acting as a backbone to support its lush upholstery and cushions. This sofa's subtle and exquisite back contour is akin to a flower in bloom, made to act as an organic partition within a room. With easy to remove cushions, you can place them in different corners of your home on a whim. Crafted to feel natural and warm, this japandi-inspired sofa makes a meal of simple shapes and large pillowy cushions. The Blossom Sofa is available in various configurations, including veneer or upholstered panelling, as a loveseat or three-seater and in a range of modern home colours.

About the artisan

Jian Ze and her team of award-winning artisans firmly believe that people should define how furniture is used, not only the designer. Her furniture collection is crafted for modern lives and answers a call for expression.

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