The Best Retro Home Trends That Deserve A Comeback

July 16, 2021
Mavis Zhou

They say what goes around comes back around, and ain't that the truth when it comes to home trends! These vintage styles certainly aged with grace, with some even getting a modern makeover that'll have you jonesing to redecorate. Here are eight home trends that not only deserve a comeback but a place in your four walls.

Photo from the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division
Photo: Darren Bradley

Conversation Pits

This style of depressed seating was popular from the 50s-'70s. A bold architectural feature allowed you and your guests to get comfy after a meal and gab all night. It often featured a little table in the middle or even a fireplace. Equally chic and cosy if you're an avid host or a couch potato that could always use more space. Some theorise this style went away because of our obsession with television.

Photo by Mateo Franco
Living In Design's Contemporary Walnut Tray Top Bench

Telephone Chairs

Telephone chairs or 'gossip benches' are sleek and convenient spots for conversation. They began popping up after the invention of the telephone in 1876 and became all the rage in the 1930s. Often featuring a small seat with a table to place large rotary phones and a drawer for the telephone book. A stunning piece of furniture that might remind you to call home once in a while.

Photo by Advance Joinery
Image: The Inspired Room

Stable Doors

You'll find old country homes feature stable doors, split into two parts to allow air to flow through the top, whilst the lower part stays in place, keeping pets and children secure. This vintage-style door is both charming and practical for back doors leading out into the garden. These are also referred to as dutch doors.

Photo by George Louis
Modern Lazy Susan by Rodolfo Dordoni

Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan is a rotating tray that sits at the centre of a table, allowing food to move around seamlessly. It's believed to be invented by Thomas Jefferson in the 18th century because his daughter, Susan, often complained that she was always served last at the table. Still very much a staple in Chinese eateries, this nifty addition deserves a comeback in homes too!

Living In Design's Ming Rattan Chair


Before they were confined to the patio and balcony, cane, rattan and bamboo furniture were the centrepieces of laidback interiors. We say invite the outdoors in by adding these natural textures back into your main living spaces! A natural addition to the japandi home aesthetic, it gives a rugged, handmade and warming texture to any home. Rattan can also be easily elevated with luxurious accessories.

Photo: Shelterness


When it comes to wallpaper, there's certainly a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Gone are the days of plastering every wall with kitchy patterns that date a home. Wallpaper can be a great way to add more dimension and colour to your home, whether that be an accent wall or a more modern print dining all four corners.


A craft that was popularised in the '70s, macrame accents in the home were totally groovy but fell out of fashion once the '80s rolled around. This no-knit style of weaving uses knots to create patterns and can deliver an unpretentious wabi-sabi vibe in the form of plant holders, wall art and throws —an excellent DIY project to explore.

Photo: All Modern

Shag Rugs

Another 70's alumni, the shag carpet was bright, bold and could be an eyesore. Their modern counterparts are far more attractive in the home, available in more muted tones. They provide a lush and cosy vibe that'll have guests fighting to sit on the floor. They do require a little more TLC with the vacuum, but it's totally worth it!