Designer Spotlight: Salone Satellite 2022

Designer Talk
August 24, 2022
Mavis Zhou

In July, our Living In Design team had the pleasure of representing our artisan THESHAW at the coveted designer furniture exhibition Salone Del Mobile. Where we showcased her signature iridescent chairs, lights, and side tables. With a booth situated in the SaloneSatellite hall with an excess of talented young designers under 35, we were shoulder to shoulder with designers who represent the future of the industry.

During our time in Milan, we not only met many new partners but spoke with a multitude of talented Asian designers who surprised and delighted crowds with their ingenuity. To further our mission of spotlighting Asian talents, we wanted to share 8 remarkable artisans, all from across Asia, who captured our attention.


AATISMO is a Tokyo-based collective formed by Industrial Designer Daiki Nakamori, Architect Eriko Masunaga and Concept Designer Keita Ebidzuka. Their cross-disciplinary activities focus on the fusion of art and technology, the past and the future and the wild and scientific mind.

Amiya Lab

Amiya Lab is an emerging multidisciplinary research and development studio with a specific focus on space and form. The lab, with its current base in Assam, India, was propelled by the founder Ranjan Bordoloi after his graduation project was spotted during India Design ID 2015. He has since won 2 Red Dot awards and was featured in Forbes India's 30 under 30.

Disharee Mathur

Disharee's design work is a conversation between artisans, scientists, and designers to reimagine indigenous crafts of the past to mitigate the industrial waste of the present. Based in London and Jaipur, Disharee believes in design that benefits the economy and ecology alike, with sustainability as the essence of mass production.

Hideyuki Yamazawa

Architect and concept artist Hideyuki Yamazawa presented a series of pieces at SaloneSatellite around the theme of imagination and diversity. Titled 'The Child Who Wants to Be the Sea' and 'The Child Who Wishes to Be a Flower', each piece explores gender identity and the freedom to choose.

Oguchi / Design

Oguchi's 'Take' furniture series is inspired by the flexibility and tenacity of bamboo. After researching this material and craft items, he decided to adopt a bending and fastening technique which showcases a naturally curved silhouette and elegant surfaces.

Sama by Sashi

Sama means comfort, redefining how we unwind, relax and connect with ourselves. Sama by Sashi promotes self-care by exploring the harmonious nature of light permeating through materials and a subtle form paired with clean aesthetics. All in an endeavour to encourage people to pause and take notice. Working with all-natural materials to ensure there is no further strain on the environment.

TAK. Design Studio

Curious and meditative objects for the home, TAK.Design Studio consists of artists Tsuchida and Tsubasa Koshid. Based in both Switzerland and Japan, they offer up a poetic sensibility and aesthetic using industrial design to create new interior products.

Vahe Ensemble

From the mind of Vaishnavi Walvekar, Vahe Ensemble re-interprets an age-old craft which celebrates the tactile layers and moods of papier-mâché. Crafted alongside skilled artisans from Kashmir, India, a soft brutalism dictates these hand sculpted objects and luminaires that follow the tradition of slow production.

Thank you to all who came and showed support! We look forward to bringing more artisans from Asia to the global community.

Cover image courtesy of Salone del Mobile.Milano and photo credits to Ludovica Mangini.