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Paper Clip Lounge Chair

£ 1,350.00 GBP
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Reminiscent of a looped metal paperclip, 8 Hour finds amusement in crafting functional homeware inspired by everyday life and common workplace objects. An inviting seat for lengthy exchanges, its body is abundant with padding. The Paper Clip Lounge Chair’s domed seating is akin to two semi-circles, with two looped prongs acting as the elevated base. This modern lounge chair is encased in a soft, textured wool upholstery, which is produced locally in the United Kingdom. Taking inspiration from Shanghai, where the 8 Hour Studio is based, this armchair merges diversification, vitality, people, things and the city together at once. ● Round, plush bottom ● Minimalist aesthetic ● Available in eleven distinct shades

About the artisan

Made for real life, 8 Hour manufactures clear boundaries between work and life. Making sure all time is spent equally to better allow for a fulfilling existence.

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