Trending Now: Down To Earth Interiors

December 27, 2022
Celine Nanena

As the cosy season still lingers after all the Christmas festivities, there's nothing we crave more in our homes than soft textures, calming accents and natural shades of the earth to help combat the dreary weather outside. Basically, all the things you'd need when you picture yourself curled up by the fire with a mug of something warm. Here are some home accessories and furniture that will help you achieve that effortlessly, down-to-earth, yet comfy feel.

The Fabric of the Moment

via @ourlondonlistedhome

Plush fleece goes a long way in creating that cosy, comforting and effortless look at home. Not only does it pair effortlessly with natural woods and rattan, it feels oh-so sumptuous. Try the Breaded Pouf for a 2-in-1 transformational footstool that is practical and homey.

Dress It Up

Bring nature inside, but make it chic! Down-to-earth interiors embrace details that are often found outdoors. With this brass platter, you can elevate the look to create a polished and wabi-sabi home. Brass is known to take on a beautiful patina over time, so you can embrace that natural wear as the years go by.

Stay Organised

Down-to-earth interiors are anything but cluttered. To maintain that cosy feel while offering some organisation, storage solutions like a magazine rack can make all the difference. Crafted exclusively using naturally aged reclaimed wood, this maximises the natural features of earthy homes, offering texture and that organic feel. Primed for kicking back and getting lost in a good book.

Snug as a Rug

When it comes to being cosy, don't forget your feet! A good rug warms up the room instantly and can create the right balance between homely interiors and inherent snugness. A boho-style carpet makes it easy to achieve, with no fuss, just raw comfort all the way.

Go Big on Comfort

Size matters when it comes to sitting back and melting in the seat. An oversized armchair says, 'take a load off and relax', which every down-to-earth home should emulate! Large pillow cushions and a curved shape make this armchair a peaceful resting place.

Keep it Warm

Down-to-earth homes are all about warm tones; you won't find any neon colours or fluorescent lighting here! A neutral palette paired with different shades of brown gives your interior that natural and uncomplicated feel. Use hints of coloured accents, like this lantern vase, to create texture and depth through natural, but luminescent colours. You can use this to house twigs or even place a small candle in it to create a soft glow.