Slow Living & Interior Design with Haus Von Ruggenthal

January 10, 2023
Living In Design

Slow living is a much highlighted trend this year amongst the interior design enthusiasts and professionals. Jasmina, from Haus Von Ruggenthal, is one of the many embracing this lifestyle and has managed to create a home that embodies the philosophies surrounding a  more contemplative life. Her house is rife with comfort and serenity, mixing Japandi and a soft Nordic aesthetic through natural woods and textured fabrics, all these elements evoke a more mellow state of mind.

This not only gives her and her family a beautiful home but also enables her escape from the hustle & bustle of everyday life – emphasising what slow living is really about: finding calm moments within joyful chaos. We caught up with Jasmina to uncover how interior design has shifted her lifestyle.

Your home feels so immaculate and perfect down to the small details, but how has your home evolved over the years?

Our flat is a 60-year-old 50 sqm attic flat. I would say the biggest change happened in 2018, we renovated it and removed the entire ceiling, which gave us more space and a total of 60 square metres. Now we have a much bigger space with a total of 120 square metres.

What is it about the interior design process that brings you the most joy?

My favourite thing is to furnish or rearrange new pieces of furniture. I'm not much of a decorator, but I love looking for new furniture.

How has adopting slow living changed your home life?

I love pieces of furniture made of natural materials like oak or marble or pieces made of wool. I like objects that feel very good to touch.

Beyond that, in our daily life, we make sure that we take a bath together once a week, we cook fresh food every day in the evening and eat together, we put the mobile phone aside and communicate how our day was and share our thoughts. We have two dogs and I spend about 2 hours every day with them in nature and enjoy the silence and beauty of nature.

What's one thing you wish you had changed about your home sooner?

When we had just renovated, we didn't have a concept yet and designed each room differently. We also used very dark colours and lots of mixed materials. I would have liked to have known earlier that a uniform concept looks much more harmonious.

What’s your go to place to find interior design inspiration?

Honestly, I get inspiration on Instagram from great interior profiles and every now and then from design magazines I flip through on holidays.

You recently added the Yang Chair by Jian Ze to your collection what's your favourite thing about the Yang chair?

I love its shape and the wood - it feels very natural, and you can sit on it super easily and feels comfortable immediately.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly.”