Furnished by Living In Design: TCRW London Soho Apartments

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October 26, 2022
Mavis Zhou

Located along the prestigious Oxford Street of Soho, London, the TCRW Apartment block comprises 81 luxury apartments and 11 penthouse suites. Living In Design had the unique opportunity to work closely with an interior design team led by Jack Qu, who were tasked with furnishing and decorating the apartments to show buyers and investors how each space could be further elevated with thoughtful interior design.

¨With this project, we demonstrated what discerning Asian design can bring to the table. Exclusively using Chinese artisans, who use a blend of modern and traditional techniques, this project is one that was not only close to home for me personally but shows the UK market that there is much more beyond what is often associated with the ´Eastern aesthetic´ ¨ - Mavis Zhou, Co-founder of Living In Design.

We were able to curate a selection of homeware that straddles the line between the calming spirit of Japandi and including modern accents that create a refined playfulness. The apartment is textured with art without consuming the senses. Artisans featured heavily in the home were 12H, Sing Chen and hand-selected vases from our Founders Catalogue.