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Rustic Bench

£ 1,400.00 GBP
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Using wood salvaged from an old house set to be torn down, this 3-seater bench embodies all the rustic charm of timber that has lived a great many years. Crafted with hardwood and expert joinery, its minimal silhouette allows it to integrate seamlessly into both japandi and maximalist homes. Each plank features a slightly different grain, giving the Rustic Bench a subtle texture that can be felt when touched. Using traditional mortise and tenon joinery, this bench is devoid of any nails or screws, imbuing it with greater longevity. At home anywhere from patio spaces, living rooms and dining nooks to galleries and coffee shops. Please note images are for reference only. Each piece is unique and may vary slightly in shape, colour and dimension based on the available wood. When crafting with reclaimed wood, the final item may feature naturally occurring holes, cracks, graduation in colouring and fissures within the timber. As with any furniture made with salvaged materials, we embrace this as part of the wood’s storied history. Before placing your order, please observe the dimensions of this piece as it is particularly large and will be delivered fully assembled. Please ensure it will be able to fit in your elevator or stairwell upon delivery. • Reclaimed wood • Indoor and outdoor bench • Rustic charm

About the artisan

In modern times, embracing more sustainable solutions feels almost like a dying religion. But it's important to us, important for me to leave the earth better than when I first arrived.

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