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Resonator 240

£ 750.00 GBP
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With superior sound paired with a compact design, the Resonator 240 sacrifices nothing when it comes to craftsmanship, functionality, and design. A speaker that makes a statement, its metallic disc creates a plate reverb effect that delivers a profound resonating sound. A stroke of genius long celebrated for its exceedingly distinguished audio quality. With High Definition aptX audio and RCA subwoofer output, this unique speaker offers omnidirectional sound, 180 degrees of full-range audio and a 360-degree woofer. Its balanced form is reminiscent of a monk in meditation, totally serene yet powerful in its own right. Available as an active speaker with a 3.5 mm aux input, it features a built-in amplifier and requires an external power source. Complementing smaller areas, it is an eye-catching piece that deserves pride of place on side tables and shelves, most apt for creative spaces, the dining room, or the home office. • Award-winning design • Material resonance speaker • Compact yet powerful

About the artisan

Resonating sound speakers with outstanding audio quality, making the joys of listening to music all the more profound.

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