Tony Tam

I once followed a well-trodden path growing up in Hong Kong and became an investment banker, but the funny thing is I've always knew I would build my own speaker. Ever since I was 18, throughout my university years in Canada, and during my time spent under corporate life in Japan, that thought sat with me. I started in a conventional field, got tired and chased my passion without ever thinking to look back. In fact, it might have been my time in Japan itself that finally set me down this path. Hong Kong is still very conservative, you see, but Japan has a much stronger creative drive embedded within it.

So, I guess you could say I'm an artist, but I'm definitely more of an entrepreneur, and I mostly identify as an 'inventor' because that's the part of the process I enjoy most. It was almost seven years ago when I started prototyping my first speaker. To this day, I'm working on even the almost imperceptible refinements in sound. I'm proud to say my plate reverb technology has delighted everybody from architects, award organizations to artists. It’s an uncanny experience that makes you feel as if the performance is happening in the very room you're in.

The Resonator Speaker’s silhouette is entirely driven by its astute functionality. Its sculptural body reminds me of a monk in meditation, low key in presence but still a sight to behold. Each speaker features a handcrafted disc that amplifies and enhances sound uniquely, while the speaker's broad, cone-shaped body creates a naturally more impactful bass.

Visually, they are sculptural pieces in their own right. I’ve had the fortune of working with Japanese craftsmen with over 550 years of heritage. Nishimura Shoten uses an ancient and laborious craft called hikibaku. This art involves weaving delicate yarn created using finely cut washi paper. It is then dusted with precious metals, creating flecks that are then individually glued onto our speaker discs using urushi lacquer. The process is as enrapturing as the final effect.

DBA has been a very personal experiment into soundscapes. When I listen to music, I prefer to do so in a more retro fashion, meaning there is only ever one speaker in the room. This way, I can connect with each beat on a greater level, focus on the nuances and absorb other worldly sounds. Lately, I've been listening to many classical records and occasionally a bit of Phil Collins. But if I could only listen to one album for the rest of my life, it would have to be Tattoo You by The Rolling Stone. Maybe it's nostalgia, perhaps it's just the excellent recording, it's hard to put in to words, but ultimately that's what this has been all about, the unfiltered joy of listening to great music.

Resonating sound speakers with outstanding audio quality, making the joys of listening to music all the more profound.

As an inventor, entrepreneur and artist, DBA has been a very personal experiment with soundscapes and how to better connect with music that is nostalgic to me.

Each speaker utilises a handcrafted disc to amplify and enhance the sound, while the speaker's conical body creates a more impactful bass.

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