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Chen Taoz

Ocean Aura Lamp

£ 8,520.00 GBP
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Capturing serenity and stillness through filtered light, the Ocean Aura Lamp is a beacon of bliss. Its unique, abstract design honours the belief that humans play an essential role in crafting work, something that no machine can replicate. A collaboration piece between lighting designer Chen Taoz and weaving artist Ziva Epstein, together they explore a new form of artistry in design and craftsmanship. With a tranquil aura, this standing lamp is apt for spaces that wish to exude calm, lending itself perfectly to wabi-sabi and Japandi interiors. Its gentle curves cast a warm light onto the surrounding walls, giving it an otherworldly presence. With this new approach to traditional lighting, this design makes light feel accessible to touch through its fabric, creating a symbiosis of illumination and textiles. _ Wabi-sabi lighting _ Standing lamp _ Handcrafted design

About the artisan

As an industrial designer and artist who works exclusively with lighting, light itself is one of my biggest inspirations.

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