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Chen Taoz

Deep Sea Abalone Sconce

£ 2,400.00 GBP
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Sculptural and delicate, the Deep Sea Abalone Sconce blurs the lines between light and the tangible. This wall lamp takes inspiration from deep sea creatures, like the abalone, with their distinctive shells. Crafted with careful thought and tradition, it captures the beauty of organic structures. A collaboration piece between lighting artisan Chen Taoz and weaving artist Ziva Epstein, here they bring their breadth of artistry in design and craftsmanship together. The unique, abstract sconce honours the belief that humans play an essential role in crafting work, which no machine can replicate. It puts a fresh spin on the traditional approach to lighting by making light feel accessible to touch through its fabric, creating a symbiosis of illumination and textiles. With a tranquil aura, this wall lamp is apt for spaces that wish to exude calm, lending itself perfectly to wabi-sabi and Japandi interior. _ Nature-inspired lighting _ Wall sconce _ Handcrafted design

About the artisan

As an industrial designer and artist who works exclusively with lighting, light itself is one of my biggest inspirations.

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