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Column Bench

£ 1,400.00 GBP
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Imposing and weighty, the Column Bench was once a sizable foundational pillar within a home. For many years it stood vertically, but as the house faced demolition, Paya Home granted it a second life and crafted it into a rustic bench. As with most reclaimed furniture, you can see its weather pattern embedded deep within the wood, complemented by an imperfect edge and original markings. It was only natural to craft this bench using mortise and tenon joinery, embracing only raw materials and deft woodworking. Suitable for long entryways, gallery spaces, dining seating or as an outdoor bench, it can comfortably seat 4-5 people at once. Please note images are for reference only. Each piece is unique and may vary slightly in shape, colour and dimension based on the available wood. When crafting with reclaimed wood, the final item may feature naturally occurring holes, cracks, graduation in colouring and fissures within the timber. As with any furniture made with salvaged materials, we embrace this as part of the wood’s storied history. Before placing your order, please observe the dimensions of this piece as it is particularly large and will be delivered fully assembled. Please ensure it will be able to fit in your elevator or stairwell upon delivery. • Salvaged wood • Wabi-sabi furniture • Ideal for the conscious shopper

About the artisan

In modern times, embracing more sustainable solutions feels almost like a dying religion. But it's important to us, important for me to leave the earth better than when I first arrived.

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