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Bullet Time Side Table

£ 750.00 GBP
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Suspended in animation and seemingly floating in mid-air, the Bullet Time Side Table’s structure evolves depending on where you view it from. Its continuous and broken lines symbolise the movement and stillness of time, the idea that eternity can be found within just a moment. This pedestal is crafted from steel pipes and coated in charcoal lacquer. While its base is square, the tabletop is rounded, creating a strong visual juxtaposition. Futuristic and reminiscent of the infamous bullet-time scene in The Matrix, this side table grapples with the perceptions of reality. ● Futuristic sci-fi design ● Statement side table or end table ● Modern and contemporary

About the artisan

Made for real life, 8 Hour manufactures clear boundaries between work and life. Making sure all time is spent equally to better allow for a fulfilling existence.

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