Modern Christmas: A Festive Twist Combined with Asian Artistry

December 16, 2020
Celine Nanena

Christmas is coming, the bells are ringing, and it is time to start arranging your home accordingly. Whilst planning, get inspired to deck the halls in Eastern elements, garnish your tableware in inky blues or simply infuse furnishings crafted from authentic cultured traditions. Here are some new ways to approach the holiday spirit.

The Meaning of Red at Christmas 

Christmas is celebrated around the world to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. When paradise plays were performed, the colour green was used through holly, ivy or mistletoe to represent the life of the son of God. Red was used to signify his blood and death in the plays by hanging red apples on the branches of paradise trees to represent the fall of Adam. Over the years, these are now known to be traditional Christmas colours which gradually evolved, and red was implemented in many different festivities including, the representation of Santa’s uniform. 

The Eastern World’s Love for Red

Red is loved in the Eastern region because the colour signifies happiness, good fortune, joy and prosperity. The colour is embraced through Chinese New Year and other holiday celebrations. The culture harmonises with red, and it can be recognised through many forms of folklores such as the: 

Red Firecracker – This tradition is loved by many in Chinese culture for its enhanced festive atmosphere believed to ward off evil spirits and bring happiness and luck. 

Red Couplet – Used to decorate gates, doors and walls with two strips of matching and rhyming custom poetry to act as a barricade of protection from evil spirits.

Red Lantern – A recognised global trademark of Chinese culture which acts as a source of light but also symbolises warmth, harmony and good luck.

Red Paper Cut – This is mainly used during New Year festivities, cut into shapes of animals or floral art, it is associated with luck and happiness. 

Red Chinese Knot – The Chinese Knot is made from a single rope to symbolise eternal life. This decorative item is a form of ancient weaving and can be hanged anywhere around the space. 

Red Envelope – During holidays or special occasions, red packets are given as a monetary gift; this is a distinctly Chinese tradition. 

Dress Your Humble Abode in Red This Christmas 

Classically Christmas, some may feel the holidays wouldn’t be just that without being dressed in red. Though if traditions have left you feeling stuck in the mud, a little Asian influence can add flavour to your interior. Here are our picks for a modern Red Christmas at home.

Our designer Ideal Afternoon crafted the Pool Noodle Recliner which emulates a strong sense of Asian artistry through its deep red colours and playful rolls. Perfect for the holiday season and primed to offer comfort for a lifetime.

Rejoice in this season with this old-world Eastern classic. Encased in red,  it boasts generous amounts of storage. A handcrafted Chinese lacquered cabinet is a statement piece that lasts through the seasons and exudes Christmas cheer during the holidays.  Image via Pinterest 

Get cosy with these lively Chinese silk pillows. The tassels and embroidery of these pillows represent the Eastern folklore and will bring a sumptuous and decorative feel to your living area. 

The Mythology of Blue

The colour blue has deep-rooted connections at Christmas in the Western culture. A long time ago during medieval times, gold lacked value, but blue dye or paint was seen as opulent. The mother of Jesus Christ, Mary was assumed to be wearing blue, hence the stature of the colour. In the ancient world of China, the ceramic porcelain material was of great importance. It was essentially used every day for the purpose of making utensils which evolved to collectable decorative items or wrapped as gifts.

Embrace Inky Blues This Christmas Season 

Instead of committing to the traditional hue of red this season, be inspired by this cooler take on Christmas. Dress your dinner table with the finest blue Chinese porcelain. Add culture to your Christmas table with the ancient Japanese fairy tale of the two lovers that were separated because the gods envied their love. A vast number of stories were created and depicted amidst the imagery found in porcelain.

Grace your halls this Christmas and welcome your guest with the inspirational indigo console table. Modern intricacies entwined with Asian artistry. Image via Pinterest

Style your home with navy blue contemporary modern décor infused with elements of Chinoiseries from the work of Crosby Studios. The daring colour projects western culture and the mysteries of eastern ancient Chinese fables.

The Study of Brown

Not only can brown be synchronised with accents of gold and silver to mark the festive holiday season but the colour also represents a diverse union to our earth, soil and fertility. The natural colour provides a sense of security and reliability, it may not be your first choice but will quickly become a favourite. The nurturing tone of brown is associated with concepts of being ‘all-natural and organic’. For those looking for something totally unexpected this holiday season, find inspiration in the modest shade of brown.

Brown Décor Infused Holiday Season

Japandi is an aesthetically pleasing way to maximise on comfort. Infuse your home with hybrid Japanese minimalism and modern Scandi elements to provides a calming, restful and clutter-free sanctuary during the holiday. The wood-wall panelling accentuates the living space and brings a cosier and intimate feel. To explore more about Japandi view the Living In Design ‘5 Steps For Achieving Japandi’ blog.

Our designer 12h creates handcrafted fantasies that may stimulate ‘a hot cup of cocoa and story to tell’ feel during the festive holiday season. The Mulan Chair which was inspired by the ancient Heroine ‘The Ballad of Mulan’. 

The ingenious east meets west; The Daily Meditation Walnut Dressing Table infuses modern Asian design with a distinctly European mid-century flavour. Ideal for all those cosmetic essentials making a perfect gift this Christmas. 


Broaden your interior horizons this Christmas and infuse touches of reds for the traditional, blues for the modern or browns for the unexpected. Simple Asian Artistry that elevates the classic Christmas vibe.

Red is loved in the Eastern region because the colour signifies happiness, good fortune, joy and prosperity. The colour is embraced through Chinese New Year and other holiday celebrations.