Japandi Home Office Checklist

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December 2, 2020
Emily Wordsworth

With work from home and remote offices becoming more and more popular due to the pandemic, our spaces at home begin to blur the line between off duty and on duty. The importance of having a designated workspace not only helps you remain more productive for longer, but it also helps to solidify a proper routine to draw the line within your space. It’s no secret that compartmentalising office hours and home hours is optimal for mental health.

When creating spaces that calm the mind and provide focus, interior designers and homeowners are looking towards the latest trend of japandi. Here’s everything to note about this rising design approach and what to consider when creating a workspace of your own.

Foundations of Japandi

Japandi itself is a mishmash word which describes the culmination of Japanese design and Scandinavian design. Both have similarities which work together in perfect harmony, a calm, simple interior which manifests in varied coloured woods, natural textures, objects that are rustic in nature and asymmetry. 

We covered this in-depth in a previous post which outlines 5 fundamental practices of achieving Japandi in any area of the home. Once you’ve understood its core principles, you can slowly but surely adapt your home to reflect its nature, though it is easiest to start from scratch. When it comes to your 9-5, here’s a checklist of what to consider when curating your office space.

Quality Materials

One of Japandi’s cornerstones is its love for the lasting. Items should never be bought only to be thrown away a moment’s later. It is with this approach you can invest in longevity and find beauty in its ageing. When creating your office, opt for materials that we made to serve you longer. Natural materials like wood are ideal and are standard features in japandi interiors. Starting with a quality desk which you can admire even when you’re off the clock - Freedom To Work White Oak Writing Desk.

Items of Purpose

Not everything deserves a home in your home office. Japandi calls for items which serve you best, and this includes the office. Remove anything that isn’t conducive to your work or comfort. That means getting rid of them rather than hiding them away. An uncluttered office leads to a clearer mind.

Warm Textures

The traditional office has cold lighting, unthoughtful design and a lack of warmth. But an abundance of comfort is actually the best way to perform at work. Opt for warm textures and colours, a few cushions for the armchair, linen curtains, high pile carpets or even artwork that evokes a sense of cosy. Try these reversible pillows which transform with the seasons, one side leather and the other linen. The Linen Cotton and Leather Scatter Cushions are apt for office armchairs and settees.

Statement Piece

Adding some contrast can revive the mind and excite. A statement piece within your home office may be a wall or a brightly colours piece of furniture that commands the room. Contrasting tones and creating a distinction within the space is classically Scandinavian and provides a modern touch to the room.

Balanced Lighting

Dim or overly bright lighting can make you feel tired. Opt for a warm, balanced light which creates a sense of harmony. If you can’t harness natural light, a desk or standing lamp which softly diffuses throughout the room can make all the difference, especially if the late nights start calling. A desk lamp that is both illuminating and striking, coated in a metallic gloss, is the Halo Table or Floor Lamp. Beautifully out of the ordinary with all the practicality.

Simple, Clean Lines

When in doubt, opt for uncomplicated silhouettes. Overly busy patterns and intricate furniture should be used sparingly if at all. Less is more in the office; distractions can lead to more than 27% more mistakes, so opt for the simplest forms you can find. When it comes to desk chairs, the Mulan chair embodies all of the above. Simple, sensual and unassuming.


Plants are appropriate in all settings, in the home office, it provides a calming and down to earth aura. One or two plants can offer a feeling of respite without crowding a space, choose plants that grow asymmetrically and provide a lush, unruly texture to balance the minimal vibe.

One of Japandi’s cornerstones is its love for the lasting. Items should never be bought only to be thrown away a moment’s later.