A Guide To Illuminating Dark Spaces

December 9, 2020
Celine Nanena

A poorly lit space can leave you feeling gloomy and lethargic. This can render other deficiencies to the body. Sink into the benefits of maximising lighting in your space and explore implementing colour tones that convey a variety of moods. Dive into our proposed designs and crafts which help reduce dark spaces.

4 Reasons Why You Should Brighten Up Those Dark Spaces

Health Perk - Lighting miscellaneously impacts the body; visually, biologically and emotionally. Natural light sources influence our productivity, cognitive behaviour and overall well-being according to The Center for Health Design.

Ample Lighting - Implementing light is essential for the aesthetics of the body but also critical to a healthy sleep-wake cycle as it promotes a stable and regular circadian rhythm and reduces seasonal depression explained by Healthline.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) - The use of LED lighting decreases the occurrence of headaches known to prevail in those notorious flickering fluorescent bulbs. Switching over will allow you to save money asLED’s are energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Hearty Interior - Illuminating dark spaces from your home through the intricacies of lighting will evoke a warm and inviting ambience which inspires the creation of more fun times and happy memories.  

The Subconscious Effect of Coloured Lighting

Coloured lighting is used in interior design to bring a bright, vibrant mood to an environment and of course, illuminates dark spaces. However, it should not be confused with light therapy which treats skin and other health-related problems.

The Arousal of Red – This colour stimulates excitement and energy. It represents warmth and is linked to the human kidneys through elevated blood pressure, and enhanced metabolism.Red is intrusive to all other tones as the colour projects love, passion, power and anger.

The Calmness of Blue – Did you know that blue represents a sense of euphoric peacefulness? And also, is the counterpart to red. The human eye has photoreceptors which are sensitive to blue light and sustains an effect on circadian rhythm. This encourages the light of blue to be a good wakeup call in the morning.

However, it is advised to protect yourself from blue light in the night to avoid disruption to your sleep-wake cycle. This can be implemented through an app which filters the blue wavelength at night or simply adjust your routine to reduce looking at a bright screen 2-3hrs before bed.  

Harmonious Yellow – According to Phillips Lighting the yellow tone manifests happiness and joy. It encourages muscle energy and mental activity. People suffering from depression can benefit from yellow colour therapy to fill those dark spaces.

Verdant Green – The colour green represents earth and symbolises life, which promotes growth and expansion. It generally is the most restful and relaxing colour for the eye to view as the colour tends to make people feel emotionally safe.

Purposeful Artistry for Gloomy Interiors

It is important to analyse where dark spaces and shadows tend to occur in your home, this usually can be located where your most loved dark and stormy colours are. Once identified, implement sources of light, reflection and décor to those targeted areas.


Glass Marble Folk Hero Table Lamp 12h recommends the presence of light on either side of the bed in bedroom design. His elegant and timeless table lamp carries ancient history and functionality to illuminating those dark spaces.

Steel Fisherman Pendant Floor Lamp crafted by 12h - Investing in a lamp which doesn’t require possessing more furniture. The slender and fashionable design illuminates’ dark spaces through its controlled brightness and does not require to be perched on additional furniture but rather stands alone providing an open feel.

Transpicuous Furnishings - Crafts that have added stature easily makes a room feel larger and compliments an open space feel. It is recommended by interior designers to avoid fittings that are solid to the ground as this may block out light and will not illuminate those dark spaces. Opting for artistry which is slender and gives a sense of height is a key factor to tackling darkness.  

Incorporating Ikebana Arranged flowers in your home can breathe life and colour into the atmosphere which will soften your dark flooring and furnishings. Implementing botanical elements indoors will illuminate dark areas by providing a refreshing and less enclosed feel to the space through its purifying of the air.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall - The use of reflective mirrors amplifies a small room but also brightens up the dark areas if strategically placed well. Hanging a plain wall-against mirror directly opposite a window or light source will gleam in other shadier areas of the space.

Metal Head - Infusing metallic artwork has the effect of mirrors, reflecting light and brightening the room. This creation designed by Suyab provides a sense of brightness and modern artistry to the home.


According to Phillips Lighting, the yellow tone manifests happiness and joy. It encourages muscle energy and mental activity.