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Ariane Ginwala

Trumpet Reclaimed Teak Bench

£ 3,350.00 GBP
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The Trumpet Reclaimed Teak Bench is a whimsical piece born between the worlds of fantasy and nature. Inspired by wild trumpet mushrooms found sprouting atop fallen trees, this one-of-a-kind outdoor bench provides a sense of grounding and artistry. Crafted using the finest quality reclaimed teak, each bench is unique in its own way, showcasing a distinct grain, pattern, and colouring. This reclaimed teak bench utilises ergonomic contours for added comfort and can comfortably sit 4 people at once. More than just an ordinary seat in your garden, it provides a greater connection to the natural world and helps bring elegance and eccentricity to the outdoors. Thoughtfully integrating with its environment, allowing for a harmonious balance with nearby trees, bushes, and other plants. _ Reclaimed teak bench _ Nature-inspired design _ Outdoor seating

About the artisan

"My mother taught us the value of handmade items and the soulfulness that they possess. This is imperative to who I am as a designer."

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