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Ariane Ginwala

Saral Sepia Console

£ 2,370.00 GBP
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Ariane Thakore Ginwala's Saral Sepia Console is a classic, contemporary piece that balances the need for storage and table space. Crafted using delicate inlaid woodwork across two larger drawers, this piece is practical and makes it easy to store items neatly away. Giving a second life to reclaimed teak wood, its long tabletop provides ample room to display family photos or decorative ceramic pieces. A great addition to modern mid-century homes, the Saral Sepia Console adds depth and style. Perfectly sized for a hallway, bedroom, or living room, it instantly adds a sophisticated flair with its golden-brown look. Its name Saral comes from a Sanskrit word meaning "simple" - which perfectly describes the graceful minimalism of this design. _ Reclaimed teak console _ Handcrafted homeware _ Mid-century modern design

About the artisan

"My mother taught us the value of handmade items and the soulfulness that they possess. This is imperative to who I am as a designer."

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